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Exclusive conferences and unrivalled networking for public and private sector leaders

If you’ve yet to try the iMember Media Group conference experience then now is the perfect time.

Welcome to the next generation of conference networking. For over 6 years, iMember Media Group has focused on delivering the best conference experience for public and private sector leaders. Our events provide directors and senior managers with the latest insight, exceptional networking opportunities and highly relevant sponsor showcasing. And with the launch of PSBEFutures.co.uk, we’ve taken that entire experience further.

A winning format

iMember Media Group conferences give you the insight you need to lead your organisation to even greater success. Over the course of a single day, we deliver the latest picture of your sector – rounding up the most informed thinking on the emerging opportunities and threats, and presenting breakthrough technology and process innovations.


Our conferences are specifically designed for the needs of busy directors and senior managers, with a single luxurious hall hosting a carefully crafted programme of speaker and panel sessions delivered by renowned industry experts. No trekking around large exhibitions or hotel complexes to find elusive seminars. Just one room with a beauty parade of the leading brains in the field.

Our conferences are also designed for effortless peer networking, with first class hospitality from morning registration to evening drinks. Furthermore, we invite only a select number of sponsor exhibitors. These will always be prestigious organisations with a long track record of innovation and service to your sector – ensuring that conference delegates only ever interact with professionals of their own seniority. Adding value to senior-level networking Launched in January 2013, PSBEFutures.co.uk is our cutting edge online networking hub that helps delegates to optimise their networking activities.


Learn more about PSBEFutures.co.uk and its unrivalled advantages to public and private sector leaders.

A winning team

iMember Media Group works with clients and partners across the UK, Europe and the US to provide public and private sector leaders with the essential information that informs their strategies. The success of our conference format has resulted in extensive organic growth, with new conferences added every year and a growing demand for events in Continental Europe. Our staff and delivery partners have long and successful track records in the field of event production and information delivery. In particular, our sister organisation Skills4Gov is one of the UK’s leading public sector news portals that services over 400,000 subscribers from central government, regional councils, local authorities and NGOs. We remain a company that produces conferences of the highest quality, with a commitment to the public and private sector leaders that we serve. Learn more To learn more about iMember Media Group and our unique conference experience, contact one of our team members.


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